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What is the Re-FUEL Fund?

The Re-FUEL Fund is a wellness grant offered to individual young changemakers working in the social impact, community grassroots or non-profit sectors. Recipients of this grant must use the entirety of their fund to support their personal wellness, however that looks to you!

This granting program is now open and applications are due by June 16th, 2024 at 11:59 pm. Application form can be found here! Read the full program guidelines here!

FUEL will only accept one application per individual and do not accept late submissions.

Why the Re-FUEL Fund?

Creating positive community change is more than a job. It is a lifelong vocation. It blurs the line between relentless dedication and the need to take care of yourself. The toll of social impact work is high. The burnout, the mental health impacts, the financial hardship – they’re all very real. They come from trying to solve overwhelming social challenges

within a broken system. Your wellbeing matters. It is the heart of a strong and hopeful community. FUEL are committed to mitigating burnout and finding new ways to support young changemakers - starting with your wellbeing.

Who Are You?

The Re-FUEL Fund will be offered to 3 individual young changemakers (aged 18-30) in the

Greater Toronto Area (GTA), working in the social impact, community grassroots or non-profit sectors.

  • Your changemaking is often informed by your lived experiences and connections to the communities you serve.

  • You are working locally and/or internationally to address systemic inequalities.

  • You are creating access to better mental health support for youth

  • You are combating climate change and other planetary crises.

  • You are leading change towards gender equality, social justice and LGBTQ+ rights and providing anti-racism training and advocacy.

  • You are working towards solutions to food insecurity and homelessness, and creating greater access to education.

FUEL’s work aims to support members of Equity-Deserving Communities. Equity-deserving

groups are communities that face systemic barriers to equal access, opportunities and

resources due to disadvantage and discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, income,

gender identity, sexual orientation, Indigeneity, age, ability, language, health, housing status, neighbourhood, and/or immigration status, among other identity markers

How can I spend the Funds?

Any investment in personal wellness, rest and self-care, however that may look.

Examples can include, but are definitely not limited to: buying a new bike, going on a vacation to your motherland, having a stay-cation and spending more time with family and friends, taking a mindfulness course, updating your wardrobe, a spa day with your friend or by yourself, getting your hair and nails done, taking your grandmother to a concert, taking your kids to Canada’s Wonderland, fixing your car, covering your grocery bill for a month,

buying some new books that you may or may not read later, etc.

You cannot spend the funds on anything productivity-focused and disconnected from your

personal wellness, rest and self-care. Retroactive expenses will not be supported.


June 16, 2024 at 11:59PM EST - Grant Closes

June 27, 2024 - Grant winners announced and celebrated at Breaking Bread Community


July 8, 2024 - Due date for grantees to accept funds

January 1, 2025 - Deadline for applicants to use entirety of fund

February 1, 2025 - Deadline to provide feedback to the FUEL team (by survey or conversation



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