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Can You Imagine Getting Through the Pandemic Without The Arts?

Can you imagine getting through the pandemic without creating or consuming art?

Without music and podcasts? Books, magazines, and poetry? Films, TV shows, and online videos? Visual arts, crafting, painting, drawing, design, and photography? Video games? Culinary arts? Yoga and dance? Fashion and aesthetics?

When we need it the most, art is there for us. It comforts us, entertains us, and connects us. It provides a light in the darkness, soothes us when we’re in turmoil, and reminds us of the beauty of being human.

Amidst the heaviness and uncertainty we’ve experienced in the last year, artists continue to create and share their work. They give us something to hope for when it feels like there is little to look forward to, and inspire us when we’re in need of creative motivation. Artists have been uniting us in this shared experience and giving us a sense of community when social distancing prevents in-person connection.

We turn to the arts when we need help, and now the arts need your help.

Because of the pandemic, charities, non-profits, grassroots groups, and artists are facing tremendous financial loss, with programming and events cancelled, private and public funds diverted into emergency responses, and many individuals unable to donate to and spend on the arts as they used to. Although times are unpredictable, giving back isn’t cancelled, and is needed now more than ever.

Giving to ArtReach is an investment in the arts and the young people that make them matter. Since 2006, we’ve given $4 million to artists and community arts projects across Toronto. We ask you now to make a donation in support of ArtReach. We welcome contributions of any amount- every dollar helps.

And from now until Friday, December 18th, donations will be matched by ArtReach’s Advisory Committee up to $2,000.

Head to to give now!


Over the next month, ArtReach will be sharing videos from the amazing Advisory Committee members providing funds for this year's matching campaign, as well as profiles on some of the incredible grantees and creators we've had the privilege of working with this year. See these Monday & Wednesday afternoons on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Meet Paulina O'Kieffe: ArtReach's former Director and a current member of our Advisory Committee, Paulina is one of the generous donors contributing matching funds for our 2020 fundraising campaign!

Meet 2020 ArtReach Grantee, Beerus (@ayrahtaerb): When the summer’s lockdowns interrupted his plan of running an indoor Kung Fu intensive, Beerus reimagined his project and offered participating youth socially-distanced meet-ups in local parks for 1-on-1 and small group training sessions. As a musician, Beerus kept us going by releasing an impressive 14 tracks and 5 music videos this year, along with countless online performances!


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