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#iAMartreach Fundraising Campaign Launches!

If ArtReach was your first granter, providing you with the funds, mentorship, and platform to turn your great ideas into reality and abling you to offer meaningful programming to youth in your community- You are our 300 grantees.

If ArtReach provided you with free workshops, helping you build your skills and capacity to better run your organizations and projects- You are our 4000 workshop participants.

If ArtReach awarded you with prize money through our annual Youth Arts Pitch Contest, launching your new business or supporting the development of your arts career- You are our 85 Pitch Contest winners.

If ArtReach connected you with your City, highlighting learning opportunities, job postings, and local initiatives through our social media and bi-weekly newsletter, Post-It- You are our 10,000 resource users.

If ArtReach invested in your community, funding projects and offering workshops to the underserved youth in your area who face barriers to accessing high-quality arts and education opportunities- You are our 500,000 community members.

Since 2006, ArtReach has offered the tools, mentorship, and resources needed to support YOU- youth artists and community change-makers from across the City of Toronto.

We want to keep doing our work in the most accessible, relevant, and highly-engaged way possible, but in order to do that, we need your help by donating to ArtReach today. When you donate to ArtReach, your donation goes right back to YOU because YOU are ArtReach too.

Your donations ensure that ArtReach can continue to impact the lives of the thousands of youth and community members who access our resources, attend our workshops, receive our mentorship, and are supported by our funding program. Donate today to reinvest in YOU and young leaders just like you.


Please consider donating to ArtReach today at


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