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How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Event

Art is something tangible and in order to be appreciated, it is necessary to get exposure and create awareness of its existence. Think of art as a brand that needs to be promoted not merely created.

Exposing Art and Creating Awareness

In order for art to get noticed, many artists turn to social media to put up samples of their work in the hope that it will reach a wide clientele. However, it takes time to build a following with any social media. Why not use someone who has already a solid base of followers? Influencers, in this case, can display artwork of an upcoming artist on their site and blogs and at the same time, inject fresh content.

To start off, identify possible influencers who are supportive of art and charity causes. To do this, you might have to do a Google search or manually check social media platforms. There are even websites dedicated to influencers on specific niches. Remember, there are influencers in every social media from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram and Twitter. It is a matter of targeting influencers who are a good fit for your art. Pitching your ideas to an influencer can be in the form of a personal letter or by becoming a follower first. You can then start to talk about a possible collaboration. It is actually a win-win situation with the influencer getting something cool to post on their social media from photos to videos.

Set-up A Fundraising Event

Hosting an event is another way to promote art and even generate funds to support other projects and initiatives. Budding artists can come together and hold an exhibition. Auctions can be held to generate funds to continue supporting promising artists and projects.

Influencers can get the word out there for specific fundraising causes such as marginalized youth who are talented and need financial support. An event with or without the fundraising component increases awareness of an artist’s work. By increasing attendance, influencer marketing will generate a larger number of clients for the artists, boost sales, raise money for further projects and shout out the word out there for a specific art experience.

The Future of Art and Influencers

There is a strong potential for influencer marketing in the realm of arts not only in enhancing awareness, but also to promote art works and actually sell them. In addition, it is possible to tap influencers who can help make a success of a fundraising event to assist artists who are underrepresented or who need exposure.

Author: Jenny Holt


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