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Film Stars Project: Hat Release Party!

Meet Red Nova and 6k, the latest hats released by the Film Stars Project. Launched Thursday, July 19th at Brimz Hat Boutique, smiles were wide and the energy thrived as @abscvnd spun his set.

Red Novas take place when two stars collide; and, clearly, with Film Stars, stars have been aligning and colliding to create this universe that only keeps expanding. Taking a look retrospectively, you can see the magnitude of the evolution of this project. From their programs to the website, their brand as a whole has grown always in all ways. And. it’s no wonder. Mat, Film Star’s founder, has igniting passion – enough to create a big bang beyond any of our imaginations. His passion, drive and creativity, paired with the brilliant minds that he’s partnered with over the years, will take Film Stars so far that you’ll need a telescope to catch what they’re doing next.

Or, you can simply check them out at their next event! PERCEPTION will be a gallery exhibit exploring the essence of true beauty. Catch it on Thursday, July 26, 2018, at 7pm located at Georgia Scherman Projects, Inc. 113 Tecumseth Street, Toronto.

Author: Cassey Andrews


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