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Branding 101 Workshop

Your brand is your identity. As an artist, your brand is important whether you get a contract, grant, or even a spot in a gallery. This dynamic workshop trained artists on how to develop their brand in a way that captures their creative identity and professionalism all in one package. They learned how to create their brand identity, wrote a professional artist statement, and developed their CV and professional portfolio. We shared basic tips and tools on how youth can expose their work and their brand as a professional artist, in order to make a living off their art. Participants were given access to artists and brand strategists who taught best practices in building a brand strategy, and how to take a brand to the next level.

On Wednesday, February 24th, 2016, ArtReach hosted Branding 101, a workshop on all things branding related to your non-profit organization. This workshop was facilitated by The Real Sun, Rania El Mugammar, and Pauleanna Reid, and held at CSI Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.


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