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Art for the Soul

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Art For The Soul: The Spiritual Benefits Of Creation

Pablo Picasso famously stated that art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Truer words could not have been said. The beauty of art is for every person, everywhere, no matter their background. Art possesses transcendent qualities that heal the essential being, creating strength and harmony within the soul.

Luckily, everyone can reap the benefits of art, even those who are otherwise not creatively gifted, or those who have been excluded elsewhere. Even the smallest creative element will help nurture the soul and create a healthier, well-rounded person. The act of creation has helped people move out of their current situation in the past and will continue to do so for the most determined. 

The Link Between Creativity and Spiritual Health

Creative types have dabbled in religious symbolism for centuries because interpreting the word of a deity or deities brings spiritual satisfaction. At the same time, psychologists have used art to help improve the mental well-being of patients across many diagnoses. Most recently, art has helped soldiers returning from war zones, proving that art heals in all walks of life. Art therapy has been proven throughout history and continues to work today, as a pathway toward spiritual healing. For example, Paulina Okieffe was a struggling artist who used art to work for her community. She communicated with and for art, becoming a leader among other artists in her area. She used creativity to soothe her spirit, and it worked for her in her professional goals.

Every walk of life will benefit spiritually through any type of creativity, from drawing to dancing, writing, or singing. This is a large reason why karaoke nights have become so popular among the working class - it is a creative outlet that helps otherwise logical people relax in a socially acceptable manner.

Learning to Get Creative

It is commonly believed that people fall into two categories: those who are creative, and those who are not. However, these lines are drawn in shifting sand before high tide. Those who believe they are not creative actually create every day through problem-solving, cracking jokes, making recipes, and more. The truth is that these activities simply aren’t viewed as being creative. Taking a step back and remembering that creativity happens in little ways every day will help every person learn how to tap into natural creativity. People must grant themselves permission to entertain creative outlets and try new creative outlets that will bring further spiritual healing, leading to mental health. Take an extra pottery class or group painting class for a healthy creative outlet. Remove the dust from the soul and give the spirit a reason to shine through creativity.

Author: Jenny Holt



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