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TAC Voluntary Self-Identification

Applicants are encouraged to complete the Voluntary Self-Identification section of the ArtReach grant application to help the Toronto Arts Council determine whether its programs and services are reaching a diverse and wide range of Toronto artists based on their Equity Priority Policy

The information applicants provide in this section will not be shared with the assessment committee or grant review panel, and therefore will not be used to determine the eligibility of an organization or collective. The form cannot be accessed by the assessment committee or grant review panel.


​This section of the application asks applicants if they belong to/ serve youth who belong to any of the Toronto Arts Council’s Equity Priority Groups. ArtReach and the Toronto Arts Council acknowledges that there are a number of historically disadvantaged groups that confront barriers to full participation in Canadian society and the national arts sector. To address the most underserved communities and largest service gaps, the Council has identified specific equity-seeking groups that have experienced especially restricted access to funding, creation, production, and dissemination opportunities within the Canadian arts ecology. These communities have been designated as equity priority groups and statistical information is being gathered for the purpose of ensuring their full inclusion in TAC’s funding programs. These groups are not mutually exclusive: Individuals may self-identify as belonging to more than one equity priority group.


How will the TAC use the information provided?

​Voluntary self-identification information may be used to:

  • Generate aggregate statistics to measure how well TAC programs are reaching members of equity groups    

  • Ensure there is diverse representation in the membership of peer assessment committees and grant review panels

  • Gather information to help the TAC design, review and evaluate and improve its programs

  • Plan outreach activities and targets

  • Report to the TAC Board and Committees

  • Implement the TAC Equity Priority Policy

How will the Toronto Arts Council protect the information that you provide?

By submitting this information, you are consenting to its collection, use and disclosure by TAC only for the purposes stated. If TAC wishes to use the information for other purposes, it must first receive written consent to do so.

​If you have any questions regarding the provision of this voluntary self-identification information, please contact

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