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Ten Year Impact Report (2016)

This report is a summary of the impact ArtReach has had since its conception in 2006.

Impact of ArtReach’s Capacity Building Initiative (2014)

ArtReach has been delivering workshops for young people through the Grassroots Organizing and Leadership workshop series (GOAL) since 2007. These workshops work to build youths’ skills and support them in creating and implementing effective community projects. This is a snapshot of the impact of the workshops on participants from January 2013- May 2014.

Evaluation Report (November 2011)

ArtReach Toronto is a very successful example of an intergenerational, multi-sectoral partnership that led to a program supporting arts initiatives that engages youth (between 13 and 29 years of age) who have experienced exclusion. Important themes identified in this research include the power of the arts for engaging excluded youth, trust in youth-led initiatives, intergenerational learning, multi-sector collaboration, positive youth development, the importance of space, innovation and experimentation, governance, capacity building, shared values and facing the “tough questions” early in this type of process.

Summative Report (2010)

The purpose of this summative evaluation is to assess the project’s success in reaching its goals at the conclusion of the pilot period. Summative evaluation is intended to provide information about the worth of a program. The Funders’ Collaborative proposed that the summative evaluation would be conducted at the conclusion of the three year pilot project in August 2009. Note that the ArtReach Toronto project has been extended for an additional two years.

Formative Report (2008)

The mid-term findings indicate that the ArtReach program is effective and efficient. Grants have gone to the populations intended and projects have demonstrated accountability for the funds they received. The high-engagement grants program has opened the door to funding for many. The executive summary and full version of the report have been placed below.

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