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ArtReach By the Numbers

Since 2006, ArtReach has supported young people in creating and delivering community-based projects that address social issues and help to build vibrant communities. This has been carried out through training and professional development workshops, the provision of funds to create and implement community projects, and access to a support network that offers mentorship and connection to resources.


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$4,438,584 has been given in grant funds to 420 youth-led arts programs in Toronto

Funded projects have served 13,600+ participants & reached over 867,200 community members

ArtReach funding has supported the skill development of over 2594 youth leaders


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4,658 youth have attended our 170+ workshops, trainingS, and clinics

ArtReach has facilitated workshops on 65+ different topics related to the business of art

99% of our workshop attendees agree that it's important to offer these free trainings to youth 


ArtReach has a network of 13,000 community members through our mailing list and social media

Our website includes hundreds of curated resources, tools, templates, and toolkits

staff have provided thousands of hours of mentorship to youth artists and community Leaders

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