Application Review Matrix




Overall impression of project and application submission


Offers leadership and decision-making opportunities to youth participants

Youth 13-29 are involved in the governance of the group or organization, and are involved in decision-making around project planning, implementation, management and evaluation. Youth participants must also have significant opportunities to develop leadership skills.


Offers meaningful, high-quality artistic engagement to youth participants

The project goes beyond an introduction to the art form and offers experiences that have a personal or emotional impact on the participant, and a positive impact on the broader community. The project should have intrinsic value (creative expression, personal enjoyment), and instrumental value (community engagement, skill development, social change). The project must also provide participants with sufficient resources to develop tangible skills in the given art form.


Need for project is clearly articulated and rationale is strong

A project is most often needed because it fills a gap in services for a particular underserved demographic or community. There should be a clear description for why this project is important to the community, and how the needs of underserved youth are being met through this project.


Budget is detailed and realistic  
Can the project be run on the provided budget? Are the estimated costs accurate? Are all of the activities listed in the application and workplan represented? Is an informative level of detail provided? (IE. hourly staff breakdowns, cost of food per session, hourly space rental breakdowns, cost per workshop, etc.)


Workplan is thorough and feasible

Can the goals and objectives be achieved through the activities listed? Is the realistic to run the program within the provided timeline? Are roles and responsibilities clearly outlined? Is it clear that applicants have spent time thinking through all of the phases and activities of their project?


Outreach strategy is effective

Will this strategy be effective in reaching the targeted audience? Will the applicant use various methods for reaching potential participants?


Evaluation strategy is solid

Will the strategy clearly show the impact the project has had on youth participants and the community? Will the voices of everyone involved in the program be represented?


Total Score