ArtReach Grant Application Questions

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Application Type

What grant tier are you applying for?

  • Pilot

  • Phase 1

  • Phase 2


*Learn more about ArtReach's grant tiers here


Applicant Type

Are you applying as…

  • An Individual

  • An Organization/ Group/ Collective


*Read about the tax implications for grants here


Voluntary Self-Identification Information

*Learn more about this section here


Will you complete the voluntary self-identification form?

  • Yes, we will complete the form

  • No, the form is not applicable

  • No, we choose not to complete the form


If you volunteer to complete the form:


Is the project artistically led or created by and/ or does the project primarily involve/serve a majority of artists from the equity priority groups? (Priority groups include: artists who are deaf or disabled or living with mental illness, Indigenous artists, artists of colour, 2SLGBTQIAP artists)

  • Yes

  • No


Our group, collective or organization primarily involves or serves:

Artists who are Deaf, Artists with a Disability and/or Artists Living with Mental Illness

  • Yes (If yes, please specify)

  • No

Indigenous Artists

  • Yes

  • No


If yes

Our Indigenous artists include individuals who are:

  • First Nations (status or non-status)

  • Metis

  • Inuit


Artists of Colour

  • Yes (If yes, please specify)

  • No



  • Yes (If yes, please specify)

  • No

About You

  • Applicant Name


Contact Information

  • Applicant Name

  • Applicant Email

  • Website

  • Mailing Address for your Project

  • Primary Contact Name

  • Primary Contact Pronouns

  • Primary Contact Age

  • Primary Contact Email

  • Primary Contact Phone Number

  • Secondary Contact Name

  • Secondary Contact Pronouns

  • Secondary Contact Age

  • Secondary Contact Email

  • Secondary Contact Phone Number

Organizational Structure

If you are applying as an individual

  • Please enter your SIN number for tax purposes

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of your SIN number provision


If you are applying as an organization

Our organization is…

  • A Registered Charity

  • An Incorporated Non-Profit

  • An Unincorporated/ Grassroots Non-Profit


If your organization is a Registered Charity or Incorporated Non-Profit

  • Please enter the date of your non-profit or charitable incorporation

  • Please enter your non-profit incorporation or CRA number


For Both Individuals and Groups

Are you working with an administrative partner/ trustee?

  • Yes (our partner will accept and administer the funds on our behalf)

  • No (we will accept and manage the funds ourselves)


If you are working with a trustee:

  • Administrator/ Trustee Name

  • Name of Administrator/ Trustee Primary Contact

  • Email of Administrator/ Trustee Primary Contact


Cheque Recipient Name


​Project Details

  • Project Title

  • Project Description (100 words max.)

  • How much are your requesting for this project?

  • Project Start Date

  • Project End Date

  • Where will you deliver the bulk of your programming?

  • Ward number for where you’ll deliver the bulk of your programming?

    • Click here to find your ward number

  • What community does your project serve? (75 words max.)

  • What art forms does your project focus on? (25 words max.)


Project Information

  • Please tell us the background story of your group or organization. If you're an individual artist, please tell us about your background in the youth arts community. (400 words max.)

  • For Pilot Projects Only: If this is the first time you've run this project, please tell us about any similar programming/ project experience you have (300 words max.)

  • For Phase 2 Projects Only: Please tell us how your Phase 2 project will expand on your Phase 1 Project (300 words max.)

  • Describe the need (400 words max.)


Leadership and Art Skill Development

  • How will both youth leads AND participants be actively engaged in leadership and decision-making roles throughout this project? (400 words max.)

  • How will your project provide youth with a meaningful, high-quality arts experience? What knowledge and skills are you developing, and why is this important? (400 words max.)


Outreach and Evaluation

  • What will your outreach strategy look like? How will you reach your intended participants? (300 words max.)

  • How do you plan to evaluate your project? How will you show the impact of your project? (300 words max.)


Budget and Workplan

All applicants must submit both a workplan and budget with the online application, using the templates provided by ArtReach. Please download and complete these templates, save them, and attach them below.


You can download the budget template here and the workplan template here. If you are having trouble downloading these documents, head to


​Toronto Arts Council Accessibility Grant

*Learn more about this section here


Would you like to apply for the TAC Accessibility Grant?

  • Yes

  • No


If yes:

  • Please describe the role(s) of Deaf artists and artists with disabilities and/ or artists with mental health issues in the project, and specify the accessibility requirements of each artist. (300 words max.)

  • Total amount of your Accessibility Grant request (maximum $5,000.00)

  • Accessibility Expense Budget: Expense Name(s) + Amount(s)


Supplementary Material

We encourage you to share more information about you and your project with us. For example, you could include links to: your social media accounts, your artist biographies or resumes, online photo albums or videos, media articles about your project, etc. (open text box)


You may upload any supplementary materials files that cannot be linked in the previous text box. This might include a copy of your Non-Profit Incorporation Agreement, letters of support, etc. (drag and drop upload)